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It denotes the capacity of the battery in terms of Ampere hour. It states how much current(Amps) battery can be delivered for a specific time.

Kilo watt hour Kwh denotes the electrical energy consumption per hour.

Units per charge denotes the electrical energy consumption per charge.(1 Unit=1Kw energy consumption)

Vehicle power depend on the used motor power.

Electric scooter prices at Ampere Vehicles are reasonable. Purchasing an electric scooter is an investment as you do not need to spend on increasing fuel prices. Compare the cost of a fuel based vehicle and electric vehicles using Ampere’s cost saving calculator for an in depth comparison.

Ampere has a range of electric scooters in low speed and high-speed category. You can scale long distances quickly with Ampere’s high speed electric scooter, Zeal – with a speed cap of 55 km/hr. You can travel in city with ease with the low speed electric scooters Reo, Reo Elite and V48.

Can be possible through OEM. It is not recommended due to the difference in wiring harness, frame, cluster, charger components.

Ampere is currently home to seven electric scooter models. They are:

  • Ampere Magnus Ex
  • Ampere Zeal Ex
  • Ampere Reo Plus
  • Ampere Reo Elite
  • Detel Easy Plus
  • E-Bikes
  • GoZero Skellig Pro
  • GoZero Skellig
  • GoZero One

It is not required for you to have a license to ride electric scooters in India. However, if the speed of an electric scooter is capped above 25 Km/Hr then you must register the vehicle as well as need a license to ride it. Besides, you must still abide by safety rules and regulations while riding.

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